Delivery Information

We know just how important it is for you to receive our products when you want them and where you want them.

We deliver our products using our own fleet of trucks and we cover most of South East Queensland. The bulk products are tipped in a suitable and safe location on site.  The bricks, blocks and pavers are offloaded using a crane or forklift truck to a suitable location on site.  This means it is very important for you to specify at checkout where at your site you would like the products delivered, as once lifted or tipped off the truck they cannot be moved again. 

When you place your order, please select your preffered day and delivery window via the drop down box. Please add any delivery details in the comment section below. Example "Tip on driveway next to wheelie bin" or "Please send a small tipper due to to gate width of 3m" 

You will receive an automated text message generated from our dispatch system with an estimate arrival time once the truck is loaded and on the way.

Turf, Masonry and Bulk-a-bags - Your requested time slot will be acknowledged and considered during truck scheduling. As deliveries follow a 'multi-drop' model, we can only provide a delivery window for the scheduled day. Expect to receive an SMS confirmation from the turf farm in the afternoon prior to your delivery to confirm the time frame.

Photo Click to Enlarge Truck Name Length Height Width Width at Mirros Capacity Volume Capacity Tonnage Split Load Capacity Max Soil Load Max Gravel Load Max Mulch Load Max Base Load
20KR (Micro Tipper) 4.75m 2.13m 1.9m 2.15m 3m3 2.4 Tonne 1m3/ 0.5m3 2.5m3 1.66m3 3m3 1.33m3
87 (Mini Tipper) 5.4m 2.45m 2.25m 2.65m 7m3 4.2 Tonne 2m3 / 1m3 4m3 2.5m3 7m3 2.25m3
86 (Mini Tipper) 5.4m 2.4m 2.32m 2.7m 6m3 5.1 Tonne 2m3 / 1m3 5m3 3.33m3 6m3 2.5m3
672 (Mini Tipper) 5.4m 2.4m 2.32m 2.7m 6m3 5.1 Tonne 2m3 1m3 5m3 3.33m3 6m3 2.5m3
915 (Mesh Truck) 6.3m 2.55m 2.32m 2.75m 6m3 4.5 Tonne 2m3 / 1m3 4.5m3 3m3 6m3 2.25m3
684 (Mid Size Tipper) 6.8m3 2.77m 2.55m 2.77m3 12m3 8.5 Tonne 2m3 / 1m3 9m3 5.5m3 12m3 5m3
436 (Body Truck) 8m3 3.3m 2.55m 3m 18m3 13 Tonne NA 14m3 8.5m3 18m3 7.5m3
065 (Body Truck) 8m3 3.3m 2.55m 3m 20m3 13 Tonne NA 14m3 8.5m3 20m3 7.5m3
Crane Truck 10.5m 3.35m 2.55m 3m 10 Pallets/Bulk Bags 13 Tonne NA 10m3 Bulkbags 8.5m3 Bulkbag Bags 10m3 Bulkbag 7.5m3 Bulkbags
Crane Truck Truck and dog 18m 3.35m 2.55m 3m 20 Pallets/Bulk Bags 32 Tonne NA 20m3 Bulkbags 17m3 Bulkbags 20m3 Bulkbags 15m3 Bulkbags
Truck and Dog Tipper 18m3 3.35m 2.55m 3m3 50m3 32 Tonne 12 Tonne / 22 Tonne 30m3 24m3 50m3 20m3

If over these quantities, the crane/forklift truck delivery fee will be applicable rather than weight/postcode: 

230x115mm Pavers

100 pieces or 450kgs

200x200mm Pavers or small garden edging blocks

50 pieces or 450kgs

400x400mm Pavers or large retaining wall blocks

30 pieces or 450 kgs

Grey Block

30 pieces or 450 kgs

Turf 35 pieces / 25m2



Heights listed are un-tipped heights: tipping requires much greater height allowance. 

Split loads of 2 separate bulk products cannot exceed 2m³ each of soil/mulch, 1m³ each of gravel/bases regardless of truck size. We cannot guarantee that split loads will be perfectly separated – mixing may occur.

The load limits of trucks are designed for safety and to comply with Workplace Health & Safety, as well as practical and physical limitations of the trucks. Load limits are reduced in wet weather, when products are heavier. Certain soils are classified as sands, for the purpose of load limitations, due to their weight. 

Due to current Workplace Health & Safety practices in Queensland, drivers are not expected to unload deliveries by hand nor are they expected to carry items into a customer's property.

Truck width also needs additional clearance and this is determined by the site conditions and layout, it is the driver's decision if access is safe. With sufficient notice we may be able to check the site prior to delivery but this dependent on location and time available. At the drivers descrection you may be asked to sign a site access authority, if at any point our drivers can refuse access for safety reasons.

Deliveries are generally sent on the small truck possible, during busy times larger trucks may be utilised to keep up with demand. If a small truck is required it must be added to comment section when placing your order. 

Our company has built a reputation for consistently delivering your desired products promptly, if you have tradespeople or machines booked in we recommened having materials delivered a day or two before. There are many variables that can cause delays and we won't be held responsible for lost time.

Outside of these guidelines an additional delivery fee will be required to process your order. 

Crane Truck:

Reach: 12.5m (Centre of turntable to hook)

Capacity at full reach: 1050kgs (Excluding rigging) 

Note: Capacity can be affected by many factors such as incline, ground conditions, weather and balast.

Access to 20m+ Crane can be arranged by talking to our sales team

Our crane truck operates weekdays only.

Please contact the Steve Jones team via email on for any questions you might have or call one of the stores - we're here to help:

Everton Hills 07 33533566  OPEN Mon-Fri 6am to 5pm   SAT 7am to 4pm     SUN 8am to 2:30pm

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